Designers say 'No" to Adobe Figma and switch back to Sketch.

Adobe acquires Figma for 20 billion dollars.

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Designers say 'No" to Adobe Figma and switch back to Sketch.

For designers around the world, the acquisition of Figma by Adobe has led to a surge in users returning to Sketch.

The software giants acquired Figma for a whopping 20 billion dollars, a massive amount of money in what is being called a 'land grab' by many users online. Figma have been nipping at the heels of Adobe with their quality software that puts the users first. Adobe had no choice but to strike a deal with Figma to bring them into the Adobe family.

This acquisition has users worried about the possibility of changes to the subscription model Figma has, especially since this wouldn’t be the first time that Adobe has acquired a software and changed the subscription model to the dismay of users.

Twitter, as always was full of hot takes, here are some of our favourites:

The return to Sketch looks to be an enticing prospect, especially since Sketch maintains their independence in the software space, a trait that many designers loved about Figma before they became Adobe Figma.

Sketch threw up a comparison articles on their website in response to the news. With multiple digs at the aqcuisition, the team at Sketch look to be having lots of fun with the article. Pointing out that Sketch has a native Mac app and a web app is a huge selling point for the software when compared with Figma and Adobe. Sketch took the chance to promote all of their new and upcoming features along with a giving shoutouts to their users that have stayed loyal to them over the years. Making it known that Sketch aims to put their users first, always.

Designers who have stuck with Sketch over the years had their say and reiterated why they love the app and are disappointed that another independent software has been gobbled up by Adobe:

It’s yet to be seen what changes Adobe will roll out to the Figma software, with Figma co-founder and CEO Dylan Field quoted “With Adobe’s amazing innovation and expertise, especially in 3D, video, vector, imaging and fonts, we can further reimagine end-to-end product design in the browser, while building new tools and spaces to empower customers to design products faster and more easily,”.

It’s safe to say that this has been one of the bigger moments in software in 2022 and it’ll be interesting to keep an eye on developments to see where Adobe Figma goes in the future.