Figma updates for April

Updates to Figma for April 2022.

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Figma updates for April

As we come to the end of the month it means we are provided with a new, monthly update from Figma. This month we’ve been treated to a bunch of updates for FigJam and a couple of small updates for Figma.

Let’s dive right in!

FigJam Updates

Structure and Customisation

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Image: Figma

Figma have provided the flexibility of being able to build on top of the stamps, stickers and font sizes that they launched back in Feburary of 2022.

You can now:

  • Organise your files with the ability to create ‘sections’.
  • You can choose to add more colours or your own custom colours to stickers and shapes.
  • You can make stickers proportional in size to the rest of the content you have in your file.
  • You can customise and adjust font sizes.
  • Snapping has been improved to allow for better alignment of objects.
  • Lock or unlock multiple items all at once, with one click.

More Joy for Jams

Figma have made cursor chat much more expressive by adding new sticker packs from popular artists and even bringing back the April Fun Day features.

website screenshot
Image: Figma

Washi Tape

Figma have brought back washi tape, with a heap of new design options along with the ability to upload your own pattern to the tape.

Expressive Cursor Chat

website screenshot
Image: Figma

Figma have made cursor chat more emotive, whenever you type a certain word, expression or if you throw in a bunch of exclamation points, your cursor will come to life for a few moments.

Figma Updates

Access Figma files through Notion

website screenshot
Image: Figma

Since Notion updated their software to allow for link previews, you can now more easily share Figma and FigJam files within the Notion pages themselves, with no extra authentication required for access.

Straight from design to app with AWS Amplify Studio

website screenshot
Image: Figma

AWS Amplify Studio is a visual interface that developers use to turn Figma designed assets in to a feature rich, full-stack React app in the blink of an eye, the best thing is you don’t need any cloud or AWS expertise to do so.

That was it for this month, check back for the May updates to Figma which you can find here on the Flowbuild blog.