Sketch Version93 Updates

Sketch provides a list of updates for users to check out.

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Sketch Version93 Updates

The most recent update to Sketch sees a heap of small, quality-of-life improvements made to the platform which improves the overall experience for users.

You’ll see a range of fixes from setting any Artboard as the thumbnail on your documents to a much improved experience with Sketch’s Smart Grid.

Check out all the updates to Sketch version 93 below:


  • Sketch has added the option to use an Artboard as your document’s thumbnail. All you need to do is hold down ‘control’ and click on an Artboard’s name, and then select ’set as thumbnail’.
  • You now have the ability to see how many rows and columns a selection has when you hover over the Smart Grid handle when previously you could only see this as you were using it.
  • Sketch have improved how the Inspector tabs behave when adding an interaction to a layer while having the DESIGN tab active. You’ll now only swap to the PROTOTYPE tab after you finish setting up the interactions for your design.


  • Now when you add a border to a text layer, it will automatically be outside by default whereas it used to position in the center.

Bug Fixes:

  • After updating a Text Style, the bounds of groups containing layers with that Text Style didn’t update.
  • Text layers with Auto Height could move when entering and leaving edit mode if previously they were set to Fixed Size.
  • Symbol’s menu in the Inspector would not expand if the ‘Show Same Size Symbols Only’ option was enabled in the Overrides section of the Inspector.
  • Bug that would cause a crash when switching between Canvas and Components mode after deleting a previously selected Component.
  • Bug where background blurs were appearing on the Canvas with a slight grey tint.
  • Corner radius handles on a rectangle would appear if your cursor was over its parent group.
  • Regression that could affect performance if multiple Editors were working on a complex document.
  • Bug that would snap Overlay previews incorrectly when pressing ⌘.
  • Making a Symbol local or detaching it would reset or lose any applied overrides.
  • Background blurs could show a black background in document previews.
  • When using multiple opaque fills on top of each other on a layer, the occluded fills would still be visible at the layer edges.
  • Issue where Artboards with names ending with a number would have the number incremented, rather than appended to, when duplicating the Artboard.
  • Copying the CSS attributes of a non-square layer that used a linear gradient would show the wrong gradient angle.
  • Some plugins would not work in macOS Ventura beta.
  • Overriding text directly on the Canvas could enlarge its font size.
  • Icons for selected layers on the Layer List would not have the right color while performing a multi-selection.
  • Swapping a Symbol instance inside a group would not correctly update the group’s bounds.
  • Applying a Text Style to a layer in a group would not correctly update the group’s bounds.