Webflow's Quarterly Product Update

All the highlights from Webflow's first quarterly update for 2022.


Webflow's Quarterly Product Update

Webflow’s First Quarterly Update of 2022

If you missed Webflow’s quarterly product update, don’t worry, we’ve put together a list of the highlights for you.

Over the past quarter, Webflow have been hard at work by launching a number of new product features, ranging from Designer updates to CMS improvements, these updates will help Webflow users to create better content and grow with the product.

Let’s take a dive in and recap the biggest things that Webflow has provided so far this year!

Creative visions come to life in the Designer

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Image: Webflow

Webflow understands that it is pivotal to have creative control and flexibility when working on a project that is going to bring your vision to life. They prioritised some key updates to the Designer to empower creatives when bringing their dream website in to the world.

Two new CSS features have been rolled out for the Style Manager. The CSS Style Preview lets designers preview the effects of a class before implementing it on the canvas. All you have to do is hover your mouse over a style block in the Style Manager to preview the CSS properties of a given class.

The other feature is a new search option in the Style Manager, you can now search any three property types to quickly find the class you’re looking for, an absolute lifesaver for anyone that is designing with a large amount of classes or wanting to make bulk changes to an exisiting class.

More accessible designs

Image: Webflow

Since many Webflow users depend on using a keyboard and mouse to navigate websites, modern websites apply a focus ring to make it more accessible for users with low vision, limited mobility or attention disorders. This means that any visual updates made benefits everyone.

This being said, some designers choose to disable this for time constraints and aesthetic reasons when using custom code. With Webflow implementing outline styling, you can now set the focus ring on specific elements so you don’t impact your website’s layout.

Keyboard focus state allows users to customise the outline styling of an element so it’s only visible when a user navigates through a site page using just a keyboard, this makes the elements more noticeable, accessible and brand compliant.

CMS enhancements for more dynamic websites

Webflow is always making improvements to their CMS feature and this time is no different. The latest CMS improvements are designed to help anyone with a large CMS collection scale and manage data more easily in Webflow. These foundational changes to the feature is designed to help you effectively scale your site as you grow by improving CMS item load times from the Designer.

A new Image Size Limit control scheme allows users to set size minimum and maximum limits for images uploaded to the CMS.

Image: Webflow

Features for teams and enterprises

During the No-Code Convention of 2021, Webflow announced a brand-new feature called Workspaces, and it’s finally here! Teams can now collaborate, create, and grow in Webflow more seamlessly. The launch of Workspaces includes updates around plans, billing and publishing permissions, teammate management settings, site transfer flow, and more. Click here for the full announcement.

Page Presence is another collaboration focused feature that Webflow has implemented this year, it gives people the ability to see exactly what pages their teammates are working on in the Designer, and allows them to navigate directly to that page with the click of a button.

Image: Webflow

The new Site Activity Log aims to help enterprise teams work more confidently in Webflow, by giving them the ability to track important design changes being made to the site, even including when they were made, and by whom.

They’ve included two additional updates to support teams with more complex business needs, firstly a reverse proxy setup as a service to more easily connect multiple projects on a single domain, and secondly a SOC 2 Type II compliance to continue to exceed the industry standards for security controls.

Webflow drop an update every quarter to give users a solid rundown of everything that’s new for the service, if you want to check it out click through here for a more detailed look at Webflow’s updates for this year so far.