Green Screenless

Green Screenless, an API designed specifically to remove the background from photos of people.

Green Screenless

Green Screenless is a background removal tool that uses AI technology to cleanly remove any image of a person from the background. You can also remove multiple backgrounds at once using our API to save time and hassle, rather than going through each photo one by one you can have Green Screenless do all of that for you.

Green Screenless needed their new website design in Figma to be built in Webflow, they had re-designed everything from their logo to the colours of the background on their site. They had previously been using Wordpress to build their sites but were running in to issues when trying to convert their designs to a working website.

This is when Green Screenless contacted us here at Flowbuild, they had their designs ready to go in a Figma and needed some help building it in to Webflow. We mapped out a timeframe for them, along with updates throughout the build process. Upon completion we provided Green Screenless with a fully functioning Webflow site for their updated brand, a simple and effective process for the client to take the next step in their business's journey.

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