Partyr is your new best friend during a night out on the town.


Partyr is an app that aims to be the first point of call on a night out. If you're unsure of what bar or club you want to go to then Party will show you what's open near you, what drink specials they have, if there is an event on that night and even includes a 'skip the line' service which saves people from needing to wait in line just to get inside. A party person's best friend.

The design provided for us was a Figma file, one of the most popular design tools for this sort of thing. Since we are well versed in using Figma ourselves, it made the process super easy to complete and provide the required updates to the Partyr team, they knew what we were doing and when we were doing it. We don't like to keep our clients in the dark when completing projects for them.

Upon completion, Partyr received a fully functioning Webflow website to help them take the next steps in the journey of their app.

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