TapJar allows customers to support their favourite services and venues by tipping with no cash on-hand.


TapJar is an app that offers cashless, no-touch tipping is inline with modern hygiene requirements. They have made it quick, easy and safe for customers to tip your staff digitally. No longer do you need to pat your pockets to say you don't have any change, simply tap and tip.

With a newly designed website for their product, TapJar came to Flowbuild for help in building their design in to Webflow. Having designed their website in Adobe XD, it was one of our specialities. This meant that the process was a simple start to finish effort from both sides, we were able to keep TapJar up to date on the progress of their Webflow site.

Being an agency that is proficient in all popular design tools we were able to take TapJar's design and built it into Webflow with ease, it also meant that when providing updates we were able to explain clearly what we were doing and where the project was at, full transparency at all times. Upon completion, we handed back a fully functioning Webflow website to TapJar.

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