Wordpress to Webflow is easy with Flowbuild.

We take your Wordpress design, build it into Webflow and provide you an accessible, fully functioning website.

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Have your design ready to go?
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You’ll get a site that’s ready to launch.

Use any design software
Simply give us your webpage designs in any common format, and we'll turn them into a fully functional Webflow site.
Responsively constructed
User experience is always at the forefront of our work so that your new website will be easy to use and navigate on any device.
Optimised for performance
We optimise your webpage speed and ensure minimal load times so that your new site will feel as great as it looks.
Also includes

The standard inclusions with every project.

A lighting bolt.
Implementation of basic interactions, similar to what you see on this site. Complex interactions and animations will be costed as add-ons.
Any site-wide elements —e.g. navbars, footers, CTAs — will be saved as reusable symbols.
More advanced symbols are available as an add-on.
Style guide
A non-publishing page outlining all basic styling elements used, such as fonts, colors, headings, paragraphs, links, buttons, lists, blockquotes, text fields etc.
Code embeds
Use of existing code snippets to ensure third-party integrations function. Or achieving basic interactivity that wasn't natively possible using Webflow.

Good processes create great outcomes.

Approve our quote
After completing our order form, we'll send you an official quote outlining costs and timelines for your approval.
Development begins
We dive in to start building out your Webflow site so that it's ready for you as soon as possible.
Final approval
We will make any necessary changes if requested after your review.
Send the design files
Supply your final design file/s, along with any additional assets, and we will then review and move on to production.
Wrap up
Review & revisions
We will send the first version of your site through to you for you to review.
We'll transfer your site over and et voilà! You have your own brand new Webflow site.

Kind words from happy customers

The website we were delivered was spot on for what we wanted. Fantastic service and it was done in no time at all.
Steve B.
Green Screenless
Very happy with the end result we got. Quick, cheap and works really well, Flowbuild was the right choice for us.
Anthony A.
Park n Plug
Highly recommend! The team made a website that looks great, works great and is exactly what I wanted from my designs.
Meg A.
Suburban Smiles
Pricing Guide

See our estimated pricing for your site.

Simple Build
For smaller sites.
1-3 pages converted.
Ready in up to 2 days.
Starting at
Standard Build
For medium-sized sites.
4-7 pages converted.
Ready in up to 4 days.
Starting at
Complex Build
For large sites.
8+ pages converted.
Ready in up to 8 days.
Starting at

If you need a little something specific added to your project.

Need a blog, portfolio or other types of manageable content included in your project? We can do that.
Have a product or service to sell? We can build it natively in Webflow, or integrate it with many external platforms.
Complex interactions
For more involved interactions, we'll configure them to best meet your specifications.
From nested symbols and overrides to more customised reusable elements, we'll make it work.
After some simple, animated icons or illustrations? We'll produce them as embeddable Lottie files.
Advanced documentation
For more complex sites or larger teams, we can create extended style guides to meet your needs.
custom code
Custom code
Custom code will be generated if your site requires it, or if something else is not possible with the existing Webflow platform.
Looking for add-on pricing? Add-ons will be priced on a project-by-project basis, along with the estimated additional number of days added to the project timeframe.
Have your design ready to go?
Get a quote

Some things you might be thinking.

How do I setup the design file/s?
We don't need you to label or structure the files/layers. Just send through your completed design in Figma, Sketch, Adobe XD or Photoshop, and we'll let you know if we have any questions.
How many rounds of revisions are included?
Designers are picky by nature and want to see their vision fully realised, and we respect that! That's why all revisions are free. We will continue to revise your website until you are 100% happy with the results.
How long can a page can be?
Usually, the page height is limited to about 7000px, but it depends on the design. Your account manager will get in touch if your design is too big or too complex.
How will I receive my converted website?
Your Webflow account should be connected to an email address. Using this email, we will send the developed website to you (no passwords required).

Additionally, make sure you have some free space in your Webflow account for at least one website.
Will I be able to edit my Webflow site myself?
Yep! You will be able to easily edit & evolve your project as you see fit as per any normal Webflow website.
Do I need to share the prototype file with full access or view only access?
We need full access to work properly with your file. You can either upload a link to the downloadable design file or add us as a collaborator with editing access.
Do you offer previews of your site creations?
Sure do! For a small fee, we can convert a part of your design so you can see what we can do before proceeding with the full conversion. We want you to have full confidence in the end product you will receive.
What data protection do you offer?
We take every measure to ensure that the information you provide to us is protected and never leaks to third parties. You can also read our privacy policy below.
Will my website be responsive?
YES! Our developed websites display perfectly on desktops, tablets, and phones. If your design doesn't have a mobile version, we will create one.
Is there a maximum number of pages you'll convert per project?
We can convert as many pages as you need. Larger projects take more time to make sure your website is developed properly. In this case, your account manager will get in touch and outline our timeline to ensure you don't miss any personal deadlines.
Do you provide support post conversion?
Of course, we do! We take pride in our work and want you to be as happy with your site as we are. Our job is to help you succeed with your product, so we offer training and assistance at all stages of the process.
What if I have premium fonts in my project?
Google Fonts / Adobe Fonts are supported automatically. If you have some paid fonts in your project, send them to us to upload them into your Webflow project.
Are there any ongoing fees?
Not at all. You will only pay per project. And with no monthly subscription fees and no ongoing contracts.
What payments do you accept?
We accept PayPal, all major credit cards & wire transfers.
Do you require a deposit?
For smaller projects, we take an up-front payment. For larger projects, we require a partial payment. And the final payment is to be made before project delivery.
Will I be able to get a refund if I'm not happy with the end product?
If you feel that no amount of revisions will make you satisfied with your new Webflow site (which hasn't happened yet), we will issue a refund.
Have any questions? Send us a message at contact@flowbuild.co and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.